Rundown (8/13-8/19) I’m a Weird Sonic Fan

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Some might be wondering if I will be reviewing Sonic Mania soon, as its PC version will be coming out on August 29th, but I am not planning on reviewing it for quite a while, as I often wait for games to go on sale and such. I will get to it eventually, and will hopefully enjoy it, despite it being pretty obvious by now that I am part of the generation who genuinely prefers the 3D games over the 2D games. I mean, I like them so much that I have done some concept work for a story that “homages” Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and I was more excited to hear this new track from the rapper behind the Knuckles stage themes for Sonic Adventure 2 than I was for anything pertaining to Sonic Mania. I guess you could say a weird Sonic fan that way. (more…)

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Rundown (2/21-2/27) Weeaboo Levels Increasing (Something About an Enemy Stand)

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0 JOJOOver the past week or so, I decided to start reading JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, even though I was pretty ambivalent to the series after watching the weirdly paced and dully colored anime series. I recall pondering that reading the colored manga would make for a far more enjoyable experience, and after a quick search to discover that Part 3 was indeed completed, I gave it a go, and it is one of the most enjoyable and creative works I have ever read through. It’s absurd when you get down to it, overly dramatic, quite stupid, all of which is intentional, and all of which I gobbled up like a hungry little chipmunk. I would be going through Part 4, but I want some breathing room. These things take ~5 years to make after all. Oh, and I’m also graduating from community college, and have been accepted in an honor’s society because I’m apparently smart. Pfft, yeah right. (more…)

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Sword Art Online Review

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Now, I’ll be honest and say that I only watched this show because I thought it would be a neat challenge to deconstruct, since I like to do that with most things that are popular in a given circle. But this is probably the third most problem infested thing I’ve ever tried to review. The answer is both simple and complex as to why that is, so here’s my answer. With no actual images from the show, other than the best part. The random purple slug-men-rapists… I am not really making that far of a stretch. If only that were the rest of the show.

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