Transistor Review

wpCZxasIt’s been awhile since I put up a review, due to how I was preoccupied with Neptunia for far longer than I should have, was indecisive about what game I wanted to play next, and had work related shenanigans on top of trying to get a novella’s pre-production done, but that’s a story for another post. Transistor seemed the most appealing, even though I was pretty indifferent towards Bastion, to the point where I barely remember the title, but I don’t think that will be the case with Transistor. (more…)

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Bastion Review

bastionDo I want to begin this review with a spiel about how some indie games blow up while others are eternally a mystery to people across the universe? Or perhaps how easy it is to get behind on the list of games that arise from the ether? Maybe mentioning how random my collection of games is becoming so that I have nearly 100 games on Steam, mostly due to Humble Bundles? Nope, I’d rather just start about talking about the Bass-tion abyss.


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