Rundown (9/17/2023) Natalie is a TOS Violation

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This Week’s Topics:

  • Why Natalie cannot be trusted on any major platform
  • A wackadoo TSF manga from my magic bag
  • TF trials and tribulations
  • The inevitable death of Mario Kart 9 (or 13)
  • Embracer’s quest to liquidate
  • Unity’s endeavor to make things worse for everyone
  • A definitional diatribe only Natalie cares about
  • Another Nintendo Direct rundown
  • A half-assed State of Play rundown
  • Wizardry Re;Birth

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Rundown (8/27/2023) Trust The Rippers, Not The Crackers

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This Week’s Topics:

  • Remix Heart Gaiden: The Better Version
  • An utterly unhinged school body swap comic
  • A gluey acquisition
  • Sony buying an audio company
  • The worst PlayStation handheld.
  • A Mario for a new generation!
  • Denuvo is trying to ruin everything!
  • Epic Games’ ‘big’ profit share
  • The eradication of platform identity

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Rundown (10/02-10/08) Little Ado About Horror

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Wherein I discuss: My mundane thoughts on the most popular genre of autumn. An absolutely awful acquisition. The eternal mixing up of re;makers and re;masters. The fifth Super Mario movie. CDPR Expansion. A game that thinks it should be more invasive than a game. One Last Scarlet and Violet splurge sesh. And the surprise Steam release of Chaos;Head Noah


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