Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode I Review

After going through the classic Genesis-era Sonic games last year with reviews of Sonic The Hedgehog 1, 2, CD, and 3, I thought I was done revisiting the classic titles. I am, but there was one mainline Sonic game that tried to recapture the feeling of these games, one that the upcoming Sonic Mania will basically overwrite. That is Sonic The Hedgehog 4, an episodic game series that must have done so poorly for Sega that they actually never finished it, instead stopping after two episodes. Seeing as how both games are surprisingly different for episodic titles, I will be reviewing the games separately, starting with Episode I naturally. (more…)

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Shadow The Hedgehog Review

_12After going through select entries in the Sonic series over the past few months, I think I’ve reached my end with this. A game that released eleven years ago, and served as a present for my eleventh birthday, because I was still a dumb little child young enough to find the edginess of this game to be cool. So I got the game whenever I did, including the limited edition Shadow The Hedgehog beanie. A collectible that I eventually threw away, but remembered well enough to reference it in a story of mine… because I think that the fact Sega sold this game with a beanie is funny. (more…)

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Sonic Heroes Review

g9se8p-444After reviewing the mainline Genesis era Sonic games, I developed an urge to revisit a pair of Sonic games that I remember fondly from my childhood. No, not the first two Adventure games, I already reviewed those, the two that came out later and were tepidly received, Sonic Heroes and Shadow The Hedgehog. If only because I had not played either of these games in a decade, was curious of how poorly they held up, and was in the mood to emulate a few GameCube games. (more…)

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Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles Review

20161011212322_1After two months and four games, I am finally done with the Genesis era mainline Sonic games. It has been an annoying journey from the abysmal Sonic 1, frustrating Sonic 2, and surprisingly alright Sonic CD. Now I arrive at Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the complete version of Sonic The Hedgehog 3, which only exists because Sonic Team made too many levels to fit on a Genesis cartridge and had to develop new technology to make their original vision playable to the masses. (more…)

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Sonic CD Review

com-sega-soniccd_screen1Continuing with my Genesis-era Sonic retrospective from parts 1 and 2, Sonic CD originally began development as a portion of Sonic 2 before mechanical differences led to the game being too vastly different, causing it to later be repurposed as the marquee title for the Sega CD. Unlike the three mainline games, I’ve actually never played Sonic CD as I simply lacked access to it as a child, and as such don’t have much of a history with it. So without further ado, let’s just spin dash through a loop, bounce off a badnik, and grab a couple of rings… or whatever. (more…)

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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Review

20160802204946_1Continuing my quest to revisit the mainline Genesis era Sonic games, one done simply for my own curiosity, I am brought away from the disheartening Sonic The Hedgehog and towards its far more beloved sequel Sonic The Hedgehog 2. A game I fondly remember playing at my dentist’s office while I waited for her to clean my teeth and tell me how many cavities I accumulated over the past six months. Good times. (more…)

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Sonic The Hedgehog Review

20160730143042_1After the unveiling of Sonic Mania, it occurred to me how little I personally remembered the Genesis era of the Sonic The Hedgehog games. I only ever played them at a young age, and I don’t think I played them very much at that. Heck, the first Sonic game was the first video game I ever played, and all I remember about it was being in Marble Zone, losing all my rings, and getting upset after I died. A memory that acted as a very poor first impression of video games.  Yeah, so I already have reason enough to not like this game, but being a poorly constructed relic doesn’t help much either. (more…)

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Sonic Lost World Review

20160407175313_1Backstory for anyone who is not aware: I was a big Sonic fan during the Gamecube era, and despite recognizing that the majority of 3D Sonic games are messes on a technical level, I still hold some fondness for them and the franchise at large. …I really wish I didn’t at times. I’d be a far happier person if that were the case. (more…)

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Sonic Adventure 2 Review

Note: I re-reviewed this title in 2019. Please disregard this review.

Yes, yes, I reviewed this back in June, found it to be very upsetting, but felt I should give it another look after being compelled to look at its predecessor and finding myself enjoying the game far more than I expected. Mind you, the game in question is still riddled with problems and from an objective standpoint is not very good, but these reviews are ultimately subjective and just because something is not good does not make it unenjoyable. (more…)

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Sonic Adventure DX Review

ChubbsNote: I re-reviewed this title in 2019. Please disregard this review.

Okay, backstory for me in particular involving Sonic. I was born in 1994, Sonic The Hedgehog was the first game I ever played, adored the hell out of the Gamecube Sonic games, and maintained some sort of connection to the franchise for… well, it’s still not gone as of yet, but is nothing like it used to be and is more akin to what people who got invested into something that continued well after they should have grown out of it, but can’t just stop. So here’s a review of a game that I loved at age ten, to celebrate me leaving my teenage years behind! (more…)

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Sonic Generations Review

pusher-gameNote: I re-reviewed this game in 2019. Please disregard this original review.

Why did I play this game again? Why did I go through the obnoxious challenges a second time in order to get a meaningless 100% that some may say is incomplete as I did not get four Steam achievements? Why did I buy a game I did not necessarily like a second time? Well, the answer there is that it was part of a Sonic Pack on the Humble Store, which was discounted 50% or 75%. But yes, I am reviewing it again as my library has been drying up a bit, and by chance I glanced at my Sonic Generations review from back when and was not happy with what I saw. So… let’s do it to it! (more…)

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Sonic Adventure 2 Review

Sonic-Adventure-2-WallpaperNote: I re-reviewed this title in 2019. Please disregard this review.

Oh boy, somehow I knew that I would end up here after reviewing games with no rhyme or reason other than what was in my list of titles owned. Well, here it is, a review of one of my most cherished games of my youth, which I will admit to not having completed due to the unsurprising revelation I had about finding the game to be seeping with problems and issues and seeing enough for me to justify my words while my obscured memories can allow me to piece in the rest enough so I can properly review the title while only having gone through most of the hero story for what would be the twelfth or so time in my life. Let’s begin.


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Sonic Generations Review

pusher-gameNote: I re-reviewed this game in 2019. Please disregard this original review.

Okay, it’s been just shy of a month since I dived into Sonic Colors and came out with very negative thoughts. Yet, to finally open my last sealed from 2011, just think about how bad it’ll be when I get a prim and proper PC in a few days, time to review Sonic Generations. (more…)

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