Little King’s Story Review


Little King’s Story is among my favorite Wii games, and while I technically reviewed this game way back when, I generally look upon my writing during that time in a very negative light, and with a PC version recently coming out, I figured it was as good a time as any to revisit this delightful game, and I’m not too surprised by how I feel about it.


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HunieCam Studio Review

20160404174835_1Despite being a bit too overt with some of its sexual content, made worse by a later patch, I really liked HuniePop. It was a game about learning more about and establishing relationships with a diverse and interesting group of characters, including a catgirl, an alien, and even a spoiled little mall brat. It featured sharp and clever writing with high quality voicework, and was a pretty compelling puzzle game to boot. So when I caught wind of a sequel, I noted it, ignored it for a couple months, picked it up to play, and… yeah. (more…)

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Magical Diary Review

670px-2,735,0,740-TitlesquareYou know what is a weird feeling I haven’t had in a long time? Playing a game with no idea what it is aside from a few screenshots. A fact that made Magical Diary the type of enigma found by people searching through PS2 bargain bins back in 2005. I suppose it is a fact that many indies will now have, as I did not even pick this up as a sale, instead it was a stocking stuffer for Go! Go! Nippon when I picked it up for $2.00 on IndieGala through their lovely Monday bundle promotion they have going on… Or was this from a Humble Bundle? Promotions aside, where does this game land? I am probably not qualified because I only saw it through to the end when it has about thrice the content, but Imma gonna review it anyhow! Oh, and I guess this is visual novel week, because I’m likely not going to be reviewing another all year, sadly enough. (more…)

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Chibi-Robo! Review

246116-chibirobo_3_1280x1024A little under a year ago I went and reviewed Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol, a rather delightful game if I recall, but I recall feeling as if it was missing something that the original title had that made it special. Well, despite how I sold the game long, long ago back when I did that with games, I have emulators and decided to give the Dolphin a whirl, which resulted in three games that stuttered like mad, and one that didn’t… for the most part. That game was Chibi-Robo! and, wouldn’t you believe it, I liked it a whole bunch. (more…)

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