Rundown (8/13/2023) Enrolled Agent of Chaos

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This Week’s Topics:

  • Natalie’s professional achievements
  • A TSF comic featuring one impossible girl
  • A tangent about girls with penises
  • Emulation and collection woes
  • Further proof that Verde’s Doohickey is an Act Of Plagiarism
  • A Rockstar takeover
  • The Red Dead let down
  • A plethora of Pokémon presents

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Rundown (3/05/2023) Natalie Remembered SapphireFoxx

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This week’s Topics:

  • Natalie Rambles About another TSF content creator
  • Natalie goes into frustrating detail about downloading files from the internet
  • The continued dread of being a Pokémon fan
  • The remaster/remake/revision of a classic visual novel trilogy
  • The history of Final Fantasy XV (and Luminous Studios, I guess)
  • Why Natalie barely got anything done this past week

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Rundown (10/02-10/08) Little Ado About Horror

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Wherein I discuss: My mundane thoughts on the most popular genre of autumn. An absolutely awful acquisition. The eternal mixing up of re;makers and re;masters. The fifth Super Mario movie. CDPR Expansion. A game that thinks it should be more invasive than a game. One Last Scarlet and Violet splurge sesh. And the surprise Steam release of Chaos;Head Noah


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Rundown (8/28-9/03) Cute Oppressed Lady Of Uniquely Remedial Styles

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Wherein I discuss: The next maiden in the DOPE TSF canon. The (partial) acquisition of Souls. The resurgence of an investment laid in the sand 3.5 years ago. Further Payments and Quibbles. A glorious gacha gutting. The Date of Death of Dragalia. And some pedantic Pokémon prattle.


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