Rundown (8/28-9/03) Cute Oppressed Lady Of Uniquely Remedial Styles

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Wherein I discuss: The next maiden in the DOPE TSF canon. The (partial) acquisition of Souls. The resurgence of an investment laid in the sand 3.5 years ago. Further Payments and Quibbles. A glorious gacha gutting. The Date of Death of Dragalia. And some pedantic Pokémon prattle.


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Rundown (1/28-2/03) Flowchart Nightmares Ahead!

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So, after thirteen months of dev time, the latest build of Student Transfer has been released, and going through it has become my first priority. I should have a review of the game up around the 14th, but more importantly, I have to work on another flowchart for the game. While I do enjoy mapping out a complicated series of choices in a visually appealing manner, this build seems particularly… nasty in the sheer spectrum of its choices. I mean, I honestly had to go into the game’s files just to figure out how the heck it all works.

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