Rundown (3/05/2023) Natalie Remembered SapphireFoxx

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This week’s Topics:

  • Natalie Rambles About another TSF content creator
  • Natalie goes into frustrating detail about downloading files from the internet
  • The continued dread of being a Pokémon fan
  • The remaster/remake/revision of a classic visual novel trilogy
  • The history of Final Fantasy XV (and Luminous Studios, I guess)
  • Why Natalie barely got anything done this past week

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Rundown (12/02-12/08) Transformation In Process!

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As some of you may have noticed, over this past week I have been changing bits and pieces of this site around in an attempt to clean up the residual rubbish that pops up when running a website for… over 6 years. Now, this is really just a change in title, the removal of old (bad) content, and little else, as I am still going to be updating this site with reviews, rundowns, and the occasional novel. If anything, this is a change made to facilitate this site’s future, as after spending the better half of a decade fumbling through this wackadoo writing experiment devised by 17-year-old me, there are some things that I really should revise. I would also want to change the theme, but a lot of the alternative offerings are lacking in what I want, so I’m going to just stick with the theme I copied from Divine Intervention. For now anyways.

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Rundown (11/03-11/10) Natalie’s Not With It!

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So, those who have followed my work for any amount of time would have inevitably picked up on clues that I am, to an extent, quite privy to certain concepts such as TG, body swapping, possession, and to a lesser extent whatever narratively flexible and interesting concepts that have been hued by the billowing fetish community. But lately I feel that whatever part of me that would obsess over these things has been steadily and slowly fading away.

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Rundown (3/25-3/31) Live Services Are Dangerous

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So, it’s been about three weeks since I quit Fire Emblem Heroes and swore off playing it, or any other service based game. I can be a somewhat obsessive person at times, and the idea of missing out on something that is time limited instills a sense of anxiety and guilt within me that I absolutely cannot stand. It is an awful feeling, and I honestly never want to feel this way about another game ever. Henceforth, I am not allowing myself to play any service games, because it causes me to express unhealthy tendencies.

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