Rundown (10/29-11/04) Natalie Vs. Finance

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With my facial feminization surgery less than two months away, I have been taking a closer look at my future finances and how exactly I am going to afford things going forward into 2018. Things are not as well as I initially forecast, but by borrowing money from my grandmother, I should be able to afford the surgery without using up absolutely all of my liquid assets, and will only walk away with a fairly small account payable. Which I will pay back over the 2018 period, wherein I hope to see slightly increased revenues, but in order to afford the many new expenses I will encounter in this period, I will need to forego certain luxuries. Most notably frequent game purchases. Gah, finances, you are quite the troublesome dastard sometimes. (more…)

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Guacamelee! Review

4cda442a2f16f4a3831af8a892fc26c2Note: I re-reviewed this game in 2018. Please disregard this original review.

How to make my favorite game: Have things to find and collect that boost the main character’s abilities in order to get even more things to find and collect while going through big and little baddies in a colorful, but consistent world. Also, throw in some RPG mechanics while you’re at it. Something which Guacamelee! does not do, but it seemed to get the most important parts. As the only reason why I was not excited for its debut being my inability to play it, or willingness to buy most games at full price. Oh, but it just had to be one of those games I’m glad to have played, but never want to play again.


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