Rundown (2/26/2023) Natalie Talks About Some TSF Critiques

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This Week’s Topics:

  • Natalie Rambles About Some TSF Critiques
  • A double dose of acquisitions
  • A voyage in subtitling hell
  • The delisting (and relisting) of a famous game for SEO
  • The director of Resident Evil 4 leaving his company
  • A crisis of productivity and purpose
  • My next novel becoming a trilogy

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Rundown (6/09) E3 2019: Get Your News While It’s Hot!

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I am very well aware of the fact that it is beyond pointless for me to try and cover an event like E3 or offer my hot takes on any given press conference due to the simple fact that everybody and their baby cousin is doing the same darn thing, and that my posts do not technically go up until hours later, where they offer a text-based summary of a video broadcast. It is all kind of pointless in a sense, but I have fun making this elongated opinionated summaries, and that’s the important part. …I think.

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