Rundown (5/07-5/13) God Eating is Convoluted

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Over the past week, I’ve been finishing up God Eater Resurrection, which I reviewed last year, and while I ultimately enjoyed the game over the 100 hours I have now invested into it, it becomes completely absurd after a point, with the game asking a lot of the player while explaining very little, simply presenting a series of mechanics to the player without much in the way of guidance or explanation of what the best strategy is, instead hiding behind the veneer or player freedom. It is a game that had be confused as to how to play it eighty hours in, and even as I am in the endgame content, it still baffles me with some of its challenges. I honestly hope things are better with its sequel, which I should be reviewing sometime this year. (more…)

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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Warriors Review

Battlefield-poseOkay, time for a bit of history, seeing as How I like doing that when digging up fossils. Originally a series that began on the PS2, Sengoku Basara was originally brought over to the English world as Devil Kings, which tried to remove the Japanese from a game named after the Sengoku period. Why? Because Capcom, I suppose. So they decided to remove the three from the third game in the series and hope they could make some money. Not that it stopped it from getting 4.5s, which I can’t help but laugh at.


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