Rundown (7/18-7/24) Surprise Face Reveal!

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Wherein I subject you folks to my wretched face and voice, discuss an un-deadening of Dead Space, another accursed acquisition, the struggles of a ship of scallywags in Singapore, and how Activision Blizzard is a truly wretched company based on a lawsuit filed by the state of California. 


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Rundown (10/15-10/21) A Master No More!

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Over the past few weeks, there has been a distribution going on for the new legendary Pokemon, Marshadow, which was distributed at GameStop in the United States. Unfortunately, I missed my chance to visit one to get the mode needed to get the new Pokemon and preserve my complete Pokedex. Why is that the case? Well, I am not very mobile on my own (I cannot drive) and the task of asking my mother if I could stop by one of these stores was a bit too much for me, what with my social anxiety and such. I downplay it a lot, but my social anxiety and poor social skills makes it genuinely hard to do even basic tasks. I feel awkward so much as saying hello to someone unless they greet me first. (more…)

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