Rundown (11/30-12/06) Make a Wish and It Will Demolish Your Butt!

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0 GUP Let's Do This And Go Home. GrumbleI am not in the mood to write an intro right now. I am hindered from a lack of sleep, am finishing up this semester of school, and am trying to get myself to edit A Vile Doohickey, when I keep on searching for distractions. I’ll edit chapter five after this goes public, so… here is an unimportant blurb about two mid-sized events in the video game industry.

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review

Brothers_Tale_of_Two_Sons_WallpaperThe fate of tiny games seems to be two parts due to whether or not you can assemble a decent amount of health with a marketing budget about as small as it can be to afford a booth at Pax, and if you can get critics to call your game an eight or higher. Especially when you have jerks like me who says, “I’ll give you five dollars for a year’s work… sucker!” Which I just did with a not-quite indie game, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. (more…)

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