Rundown (5/22-5/28) Awaiting Those Untold Futures

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tumblr_mkk7p3JzsE1qeldg8o1_1280So, I just finished my latest writing project, Maple Loves Senpai, and within a short while I will begin working on Psycho Bullet Festival 2: Bury My Children. And by work on, I mean outline, as I only have loose concepts and idea, a very basic structure, and a rough estimate of the cast. I hope to get this done in three months, as I will have lots of free time over that time period, but I’m not making any promises just yet. Anyhow, time for disposable talk about video game nonsense. (more…)

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Batman: Arkham City Review

punchOkay, so earlier this year I decided to revisit Batman: Arkham Asylum, where I investigated the doubt I felt after playing the game, and decided that I really did not find the game to be all that great. I gave it a 7.5 and all that, but not GOTY material in my book, just a surprisingly good liscense game. I did recall enjoying its sequel, Arkham City a bit more, but even after plowing through it I distinctly remember feeling a sense of emptiness, and I figured out why… at least partially. I mean, I’ve yet to reach max reviewed level, but I’ve at least gained ten since I started, right? (more…)

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Batman Arkham Asylum Review

angry_batman-wideSo, how do I follow up getting a new system? By reviewing three titles that are not only very multiplatform friendly, but I had already played previously. And this one is no different as am I here with another critically acclaimed game, but I went through it about three years ago and it was actually a title that helped spark my interest in reviewing as something about it just seemed off and the 16-year-old who would eventually call himself Electric Nigma didn’t know how. Yet I believe I do as of now, so I’m going to do it now… Also, I wanted to go through the game on PC, as I will with many others. (more…)

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Rundown (2/09-2/15) I Don’t Care a Hair

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pussy fart…Look, I just took a bear sized poo and spent my entire day around a bunch of talkative women who I call family for the second day in a row. I am trying to juggle with writing review, editing my novel, and just picked a subject for my research paper after trying to find one all morning. I’m working tomorrow morning, have a Borderlands 2 Partway Review going up on Tuesday, and am murdering my backlog to the point I only have seven games I want to play on Steam, but haven’t played them elsewhere. (more…)

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NWS (2/10-2/16) Unlimited Colonies: Essentially Direct Controller of the Dar

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Nobody seems to notice, but I find this to be fun, so let’s go for another weekly segment where the game news is talked about. From the week of February tenth to the sixteenth. with another title I made up right before posting. Yip-yip, ya donkeys!

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