Rundown (1/22/2023) DRM Has Ruined Books

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This Week’s Topics:

  • Why the digital age makes Natalie hate books
  • Analyzing a AAA game budget using BOOTLEG MATH!
  • Why The Last of Us (2013) is bad, actually
  • Translation purists (the worst kind of anime fan)
  • Forspoken‘s awful first 20 minutes
  • A remaster of the greatest friendship killer
  • The end of Halo as the world knows it

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Rundown (6/10) E3 2019: Work X School X Conferences

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You know what the worst past of E3 is? The fact that I cannot simply drop everything to enjoy spending an entire day in video game wonderment. As such, since 2013 the Monday kicking off E3 has always been a frustrating affair where I not only want to watch the conferences, do a write-up, which takes time because I am a slow writer, and keep up with the news that falls between the cracks, but I need to attend college classes and do part-time office work that mostly consists of spreadsheets, filing, and processing bodily specimens. Anyways, enough customary moaning.  The video games are here!

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