Rundown (9/02-9/08) Work X Work X Work X Grad School

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So, this past week it became abundantly apparent to me just how busy my schedule is. With my ongoing part-time job of the past two years, my occasional second job where I help out an accountant kicking off again, a new third job where I help another accountant with more complicated matters, and the beginning of my accounting master’s program, which is like a bachelor’s program, but with more projects. When combined with the stuff I do for this site, and the production of a novel, it amounts to a pretty hectic time, but with the education, experience, and money I am getting, I really cannot complain.

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Borderlands 2 Review

2015-06-25_00019I viewed the first Borderlands to be of so little value, to be so worthless, that it is the only game I threw in the trash. More specifically, I threw it into a ditch just outside of my childhood Kindergarten, which I walk past whenever coming home from school. That ditch only really existed to prevent flooding, by gathering excess sewage water and was likely an incredibly filthy place that I rolled around in regularly as a child. It also had these metal sewage gates that I always wanted to wander into, but I was too afraid of crocodiles to do so… Anyhow, I gave money to a Video Game Museum and was given Borderlands 2 was a reward. And despite having given it twenty hours about a year and a half ago, I decided that I would give the series a… fourth chance. However, I was only able to get about twenty-eight hours through the game before I hit my threshold and dropped the game like a backpack full of rocks, glad to be rid of it. (more…)

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

xcom-enemy-unknown-7I think I prefer what I originally thought to be XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s development history. But no, instead of being a quickly made title to revitalize a decade dead brand after the almost complete failure behind another project originally intended to do just that, it was in development in 2008 with money and a 50-60 person team behind it. I say that because XCOM: Enemy Unknown feels like a small side project that should have been considered a bargain as it released for $40 in a crowded holiday season, but no. Also, I should probably add that I owned the Xbox 360 version of this game initially, but sold it after I was assimilated into the PC crowd that I was promptly shoved out of as I had brought a controller with me. (more…)

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Rundown (2/16-2/22) I Am Disappointed With This Meal!

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ButtholeI suppose this is the paragraph where I should speak of Diddy Kong coming back to Smash, but the return is expected much like Yoshi’s come mid-March. Instead, I want to talk about Pokemon, and how much I wish GameFreak would release tools to create one’s own Pokemon adventure using assets from the newest games. Or in other words, just make ROM hacks easier to make and be something that can be played on the 3DS. Why? Because I’d play Pokemon so much more often then and my 276 hours with X were not enough. 10 Pokemon to go… fart! (more…)

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Borderlands 2 Partway Review

?????????????????Note: I re-reviewed this game in 2015. Please disregard this original review.

So, Steam occasionally does these Free weekends where you can try and plow through a game over the course of four days while also being able to get the game for half off. As a concept, I certainly do understand it, but then you have guys like me who decide that they will download a game, play it for the weekend, and stop part way through as they realized they were not having fun… 23 hours in. So yes, here’s what I thought about Borderlands 2 after giving it a full day. (more…)

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The Darkness II Review

darkness-iiIf you couldn’t tell from my list of glob knows how many reviews, I am not bound by anything in terms of what I pick up and when. So a positively received title that was a sequel to a game you could get for $5 at any given Gamestop, which somehow was a disappointing product in regards to sales? Sure, why not.  The Darkness II because I picked it up for $6. (more…)

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Jade Empire: Special Edition Partway Review

NA_JADE_EMPIREThere comes a time when games are long, have problems that become apparent early in playing them, and feel like a time sink that will amount to the same conclusion, more or less.  Jade Empire is one of those titles, and as I’ve hit 13 hours in the game and chapter three out of five, I no longer wish to continue, and feel as if I have a good amount of things to say about the oft forgotten Bioware title. As part of a new segment that will hopefully survive through my very spur of the moment decision making, called Partway Reviews. In which I review a game after getting to the point where I no longer wish to continue playing it, but still feel like saying things. (more…)

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Bioshock Infinite Review

bioshock_infinite_2Ah, nothing like playing catch up with games that were released, debated, and ultimately put aside until the December of decisions where the various outlets decide upon their favorite game of the past year. But I feel as if I can get a bit of traction while nobody is talking about it, but namely know what the blazes I’m talking about when I’ll say Saints Row IV or Rayman Legends is my GOTY. Even though Bioshock Infinite is still quite good, but it is another Last of Us for me.


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Spec Ops: The Line “Review”

Spec-Ops-The-LineNote: I re-reviewed this title in 2014. Please disregard this review.

Y’know, other than the amount of dissatisfaction when you realize that you are not putting out anything that people actually care about. The feeling of not having much to say is the worst part of my self imposed hobby/job. Its not just that people have said a lot after it was given a far closer look, and I’m late to the metaphorical party. It’s because how they clearly have more experience, since I’ve never even touched what one would consider to be a, “Modern Military Shooter”. So I’ll try something less conventional, and structure this review in accordance with how I was introduced to this game.

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Bioshock 2 Review

I thought Bioshock was a very nice game, other than the save system that encouraged you to try and try again with no consequences for messing up other than a load screen. How it included revitalizing chambers in case you do not use the save system. The pointless morality system, and a crappy ending. So the sequel took into account to not improve most of those things, and just creating plot holes and a product that lacks was filled with one of the first big gaming controversies that I saw within the medium. But this is a place for my opinions, so let’s do it with Bioshock 2.

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